28 September 2008

Hopes Of Soraya

You cannot change the past,
today you are full of regrets,
you just have to start getting comfortable with them,
because there is no turning back.
The pain of what you did or didn't do will fade with the passage of time,
so look ahead.
Make some plans and give yourself something to look forward to,
something to take your mind off of the past.
Patience will get you through this time of life,
Hopes, dreams and effort will prepare you for better times.

01 June 2008

Shhh...Conceal It Please...

Concealer is a highly pigmented cosmetics-used to cover dark spots, under eye circles, blemishes and other imperfection. Use a concealer which is the one tone lighter than your foundation. But I usually choose two tones lighter for a better coverage. Concealer may be applied with finger tip or synthetic concealer brush (hygienic reason) which is specially made for cream. Apply concealer before or after foundation (I prefer after foundation). After applying concealer set it with loose powder.
I personally prefer cream concealer because of the smooth finishing. Liquid concealer looks way too cakey. I am soooooo in love with Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage which is a two-shade system camouflage that can be blend together for the perfect shade (LMSC No. 5 suits me best). Other than that, I would recommend Laura Mercier's Undercover-a combination of Secret Concealer and Secret Camouflage) and also Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit and Makeup Store All Mix Concealer.Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Laura Mercier Undercover

Bobbi Brown Concealer KitMakeup Store Concealer

31 May 2008


I finished my class about an hour late and I knew that it was an extremely bad timing to go home...However, I was way too tired to shop-hopping and I knew that I would be buying some cute gorgeous irresistable (maybe) clothes or shoes or bags...and there goes my RM flying away!!!

What I did was, to walk all the way from Pavillion to KLCC LRT station (my cardio of the day)...Well, if I were to take a cab ride, those evil cabbie might charged me double or maybe triple and I will have to listen to them b****ing about the horrendously congested traffic of KL..hmmmm....I guessed if u choose to be a cabbie, u just have to bear with the heavy traffic...Or else maybe u can try to apply for the post of Star-LRT driver...YES!! I sounded too harsh but I hate cabbies..

And so I arrived the LRT station around 1730 and to my surprise-the Malaysians were actually queue-ing!!!what an improvement (highlight of the issue)...I managed to squeeze myself into the 4th LRT which passed by since I started queue-ing...what a relieved (*sigh)...Inspite of the fact that the LRT was as packed as sardines, I have nothing to grouch cause I'm just paying RM1.60....Nevertheless, I felt that the operation needs to be upgraded...Maybe an addition of the 3rd coach...